Fashion Review: The Bodysuits

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Bodysuits have slowly but surely become a massive trend in the last few months. I also have become an avid shopper when it comes to the bodysuit, there’s just something so sleek and sophisticated about them.

Above are images of two bodysuits I myself ordered of the website and I absolutely love them, except for the fact that they are super low cut and unfortunately I do not have the cleavage to pull them off 😦

However all was not lost as I quickly recovered my old Junior Cert sewing kit from the back of my wardrobe and set myself the task of making the neckline of the bodysuits much more socially appropriate 😉 The end result was much more satisfactory.

What I really like about bodysuits, is their versatility. You can pair them with jeans, joggers, short, skirts, and they will always make your outfit look super trendy. If the bodysuits are low cut like the above, accessorize! Big chunky necklaces can often suit these bodysuits perfectly.

Missguided can sometimes be a bit pricey however, and if I’m honest the quality isn’t always the best, but having said that the website would still be one of the first places I would go for last minute outfit inspiration.

Thankfully stores are picking up on this fashion trend rather quickly and more affordable retailers such as Pennys and Forever 21 are now stocking up on the bodysuits to get in on their current demand. Only yesterday I flew into Forever 21 and came out with yet another bodysuit (pictured below courtesy of the Forever 21 website) for €11! I just loved the zip detail instantly jazzing up any outfit.

Zipped Bodysuit

Not only did I manage the above cheap splurge but I then ran into Pennys and picked up another bodysuit for €11, its a sleeveless, black and white striped, high neck bodysuit which is probably one of the most comfortable bodysuits I own (picture of this bodysuit is up on my instagram account).

So bearing all this information in mind, my advice when buying a bodysuit is to shop around as there are quite often cheaper and more comfortable options right under your nose!

As always if you like to comment on anything I blog, please don’t hesitate!

The Busiest Bee 🙂



*Images sourced from the websites and


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