Fashion Review: MET Gala 2016-the best, the worst and the interesting…

Yes it’s that time of year again! As with the Oscars award season, The Met Gala is one of my favourite times of year. What’s not to love, all the worlds favourite celebrities arrive dolled up in the most famous designer labels but also in line with a theme. This year’s theme for the gala was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology. For me personally this theme wasn’t that out there and really only a handful of celebs actually represented the theme outrageously, last years theme was much more entertaining. Having said that I still am just as amazed with some of the gowns on display last night. In this blog post I will highlight my favourite outfits, the fashion disasters and the most interesting/bizarre styles of the night.

First up, my top ten dresses from last night:

Wow! Emma Watson definitely wowed the crowds in this sexy number by the designer Calvin Klein. At first glance you would think Watson was wearing a dress but her outfit is actually a two piece suit. Only she could pull off a number like this. Amazing! Is it futuristic? maybe not but still a hell of an outift a the end of the day.

Cindy Crawford is up next wearing a Balmain dress. Crawford once again proves she hasn’t aged a day and is just as hip as Balmain’s usual younger models such as Kendall Jenner. I love the futuristic metallic element to this dress also which fitted perfectly with the evening’s theme.

Gigi Hadid’s dress by Tommy Hilfiger was possibly my most favourite dress of the night. She oozed elegance and also was super sexy with the sheer detail of the skirt. I love the high neck aspect to the dress. The only disappointment for me would be her choice of hairstyle. I feel she could have done something a bit more adventurous to fit in with the night’s theme.

Alessandra Ambrosio stunned the crowd in this faboulous dress also by the designer Balmain, possibly the most popular designer of the night also. I love the futuristic element of the dress and let’s be honest, she could wear a black sack and make it look good. I also personally preferred this dress to Kylie Jenner’s version which had more cut outs and just wasn’t as classy for me anyways.

Kendall Jenner really is the ‘it’ girl of the fashion world as she proved last night in this head turning number by Versace. It showcased her toned athlete like body perfectly. Again I do have an issue with the hairstyle being slightly too boring for the them of the night but the dress definitely makes up for it.

Ok so Rosie Huntington-Whiteley didn’t exactly get the memo regarding the dress theme for the night but who cares in this case as this dress is too die for! Just look at that train and I love the shoulder detail! This dress is by Ralph Lauren and personally I think Rosie is the only one celeb who can get away with the ‘less is more’ when it comes to the hairstyles of the night.

Again another celeb who didn’t get the memo regarding the theme but woah the pony! this dress is literally what little girls have been dreaming about since the dawn of time. Princess dress in a nutshell! She looks amazing and the dress is by Zac Posen.

Wow! Not really sure honestly who Anna Ewers is but this dress really was fabulous! The detail is amazing and it fits in perfectly with the nights futuristic theme. Love her old hollywood glamour hairstyle which complimented the dress perfectly. The dress is a Jason Wu creation and I want it! 😉

Hailee Steinfeld wowed me in this H&M custom dress. I love the colour, I love the accessories, I love the shoes and I especially love her dark lipstick that she paired with the dress. Amazing!

Emma Roberts wore a swarovski crystal embellished dress by Tory Burch. The futuristic element you ask? Well let me tell you, the crystals are colour changing! I am in awe! I love the back detail too.


Now the list for the most interesting of the night-aka suited the theme of the night but I wouldn’t personally wear 😉

Queen Bey has to get a mention here. Interesting dress indeed by Givenchy, maybe not as stellar as her amazing outfit from last year but certainly makes the most interesting category. Dislike her eye makeup however, her eyes seem to look bruised to me.


Well you can see why Lupita makes this category. I’ll begin with the good, the dress is a Calvin Klein creation for the green carpet challenge collection. It’s a mesmerizing dress and shimmers most seductively. However that is where the good ends. What on earth was she trying to do with her hair. To me it seems to be challenging Marge Simpson, all she’s missing is the fact her hair isn’t blue.

I oddly love this Dolce & Gabbana gown on Kate Bosworth. She’s quite ethereal and angelic looking so definitely only she can pull it off. I love her headpiece also. She does look like a Greek God rather than futuristic.

You have to hand it to Kate Hudson, she really knows how to flaunt her body. I mean the lady is 37 as it putting 19 year olds to shame! I would love to have a body like hers! Onto the dress, this Versace dress is a show stopper and definitely fits in with the nights theme with lots of random cut outs, she certainly would turn heads.

Well Katy Perry definitely did get the memo regarding the nights technology/future theme. She owned the show in this dress in my opinion. The dress is by Prada and it even sports a Tamgotchi! Not loving the no eyebrows look however.

Zoe Zaldana looked like a glamorous peacock arriving at the Met Gala last night in this stunning Dolce & Gabanna piece. That train is awe worthy! Love it!

Now onto the wosrt outfits of the night: Unfortunately as with all of this occassions there are always those that really go a little too far

Taylor Swift what were you thinking! I really honestly tried to like this look but something just isn’t working. Whether it’s her platinum hair or the black lipstick, she does not look good at all! The dress is by Louis Vuitton and I’m not sure what the look is trying to be if I’m honest.

Does anyone else feel that every year at the Met Gala Madonna and Lady Gaga try to outdo one another with the most ridiculous outfits? This is just typical Gaga. Here comes the brutal honestly (apologies) she looks like she belongs on a street corner in the 80s. There I’ve said it and I can move on…

Kimye and another awkward photo. I don’t is it the angle but the dress looks quite unflattering on Kim and what is with her eyebrows, she looks terrible! I’m not even going to comment on Kanye and his attire. Moving on quickly…

I don’t I really need to comment on Madonna’s get up. It speaks for itself and explains why it’s in this category.

I’m just really not a fan of those boots with that dress. Just no….

For me this outfit is just way too fussy, there’s way too much going on and the frill is a different print to the rest of the skirt and top combo. Miranda is a beautiful lady and if this were all black or white it would suit her much more.

Again no comment….

Solange Knowles came as big bird from sesame street it would seem….yikes!

Eh…this is like something out of 50 shades of grey..a bit too much Nicki Minaj!



So there you have it, another year of fashion spectaculars and epic failures at the Met Gala! Do you have a favourite or would like to add to this blog? Just leave a comment underneath or tweet me @thebeeboss or there is Instagram of course, all links on the blog.

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Until next time!

The Busiest Bee 🙂



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