Make-Up Review: MAC lipsticks-colour of the month

Rebel                                            Lush Life

So anyone who knows me, knows of my obsession with MAC lipsticks! I can’t seem to walk through any airport duty free without at least purchasing one. Also usually every present request I give to my loved ones, includes a MAC lipstick. I just personally find them so superior to other lipsticks on the market and they last for such a long time.

Today I’ve decided to review the two shades from MAC that have been permanently in my handbag this month. Coincidentally they are both plum kind of colours so ergo my colour of the month theme with this review.

I am obsessed with the colour plum lately and the two MAC lipsticks I’d like to talk about are the shades: MAC Satin range in the shade Rebel, and the second is from the Mineralize rich range and it’s called Lush Life.

So the first shade I’ll talk about is the Rebel one. It was the first plum shade I bought actually. It’s from the satin range and it has almost a pink tone to it. It is lighter than the second shade but you wouldn’t really notice the difference too much. It applies on evenly, and it has a matte like texture. I always prepare my lips using a simple lip balm e.g. vaseline. I just find that this allows the lipstick to apply evenly and smoothly. The shade did not require that many top ups on a night out and in fact it stains your lips even after removal so they have this lovely natural plum tone to them. I’m quite fond of the shade, but it can dry out your lips if you do not prepare them in advance.

Onto the second shade. Lush Life was actually a gift from my mother and I love it! It is from the MAC mineralize range and it’s casing alone is what captured my attention as it is not your usual MAC lipstick container. This plum colour is richer and more red toned in colour. What I love most about it is that it has a creamy like texture and my lips require no preparation before application. This lipstick has an almost sheen to it as if a little lip gloss was applied also. Now because it is easier to apply that does mean it is easier to come off so more top ups were required on a night out. However because of the ease of application with this lipstick, it means you do not have to be in front of a mirror to put it on. I was able to discreetly and perfectly apply it quickly when no one was noticing.

I would definitely recommend both these lipsticks depending on what kind of lipstick fan you are, i.e. if you prefer mattes go with the rebel shade, but if you are like me and like the sheen to your lipstick and ease of application, then Lush Life is the one for you. On a sidenote both these shades look fantastic when paired with the MAC lipliner shade Vino. I will include a picture below with swatches of each of the lipsticks and also the lip liner so you all can get a good idea of what I’m talking about. I also have a sallow skin tone so these lipsticks could look darker on those with paler skin.

As always if you have any questions or would like to comment or give your opinion, please do so! Or contact me on my social media pages which I will include links for below also.

The Busiest Bee 🙂


*Rebel is the top swatch and Lush Life is the bottom one. Also apologies for the over exposure of the light in the first picture, I took a second one to include the lip liner Vino too.




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