To low carb? or not to low carb?

So since my boyfriend and I have returned from Orlando after a fantastic holiday over Easter, we decided that after all the over eating and drinking we’d done in the US, it was time to get ourselves back into good shape. Let me start by saying I’m not a great dieter, I hate dieting in fact! I love my food way too much to ever give up all the good things. However in my own opinion healthy diets are all about eating things in moderation, and obviously exercise, can’t escape that unfortunately! 😦

My aim really was just to cut back on all the goodies and introduce more healthy foods to my diet. I researched and researched until I finally found an eating plan that suited my needs and my lifestyle. I’ve completely cut back on carbs during the week as a result. No more spuds, no more pasta, no more white rice, only brown rice and only a tiny portion of it. At first I’m not going to lie, it was a daunting task, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge pasta lover, so much so that I’m convinced I was Italian in a former life 😉

Despite all this I’ve found that I don’t miss the hearty carbs. I feel much more comfortable in my body. I used to go to bed every night with cramps from eating so many carbs, it used to keep me up at night but now I feels less bloated and within a week I started noticed a more toned aspect to my body. I’ve also increased the amount of proteins I eat a day so this probably helps. So basically  my day in a nutshell includes the following: I aim to eat regularly throughout the day, but small portions e.g. carrots and hummus for snacks, high protein soups for lunch with no bread just packed with lots of good vegetables, boiled eggs for snacks, I also nibble a lot on salami and ham and all this before a dinner that is packed full of vegetables such as green beans, grilled aubergines, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mangetout etc. as well as a grilled chicken breast or stewed mince or steak, or a dish of chili con carne with double the amount of kidney beans and just a small portion of brown rice.  It’s delicious.

Now I know some of you might be going yeah, yeah whatever lady! But this diet just suits my lifestyle so I would always recommend researching a lot and getting to know your body first before setting out on a new diet regime. I also like to add that at the weekend it is party time in regard to food, I eat what I want, when I want and there maybe bottles of wine involved 😉 I am only strict on what I eat during the week and this coupled with 5 days of dance workouts and ab workouts 3 days a week, mean that I take my weekends off to go eat wherever and whatever I want. Only this past weekend I went out for lunch and just had chocolate fondant and a glass of wine! Plus on Sunday I treated myself to an ice cream with the flake and all because the weather was so nice. When I do go out with friends for dinner at weekends I order burgers, pasta and rice dishes without even thinking about it. My weekends are fun!

The point I’m trying to get at, is that I don’t want to spread a message that dieting low carb is the way to go, I’m trying to show that everything can work in moderation. This eating plan just happens to work for me. I’ve also started thinking that I might start including some of the recipes I use, on this blog to show you all what kind of yummy low carb dinners/snacks etc. that I make and are so easy to do. Finally I’d like to point out that I do my weekly shopping in Aldi, which means I’m not one to be found at the expensive health food aisles of supermarkets or in health food shops searching for the latest dieting food. That is all just so impractical to me. Instead I just shop at my regular supermarket and just use whatever is available to me there.

I hope this blog post spreads a good message, this is just my personal journey with low carb foods, it might not suit everyone but it suits me at the moment. In a year I might be on to something else!

As always if anyone has any queries or comments, please comment below or contact me on my social media pages.

The Busiest Bee 🙂





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