Hello and welcome to my blog The Busiest Bee.

The Busiest Bee began quite honestly as a hobby. A blog that I could turn too to share my honest reviews of all lifestyle topics. I was quite an avid user of review websites such as TripAdvisor, when one day it occurred to me that maybe I should just set up my own blog, one that wasn’t just limited to restaurant or holiday reviews but one that would encompass all the things I love to do in my own life.

And so the Busiest Bee was born. Blogging I also find is a natural remedy to life’s everyday stresses, a place I can go to to share all my happiest moments with the wider world. My motto for this blog, would be to spread kind positive thoughts!

I hope to create an online community where other avid reviewers can come to share their opinions and reviews honestly and positively. I hope that you all enjoy the blog and please also follow me on my Twitter page and Instagram page to stay in the loop with all my latest adventures!

I look forward to sharing my reviews with you all!

The Bee Boss. 🙂

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